Monitoring of human rights violations as of 11 June 2021:

✔️#Uralsk⚡️#OKHASOV Orynbai – On 4 June 2021 court bailiff KAZHUSHEVA Z. demanded that Orynbai OKHASOV pay her 17,362 tenge for the late payment of a politically motivated fine.

– It should be reminded that Orynbai OKHASOV was fined for distributing leaflets calling to vote for the Ak Zhol party in the parliamentary elections on 10 January 2021. – The bailiff threatened to seize Orynbai OKHASOV’S property.

– On 10 February 2021, the court granted Orynbai OKHASOV an instalment plan for 3 months to pay the fine, and on 23 April, the fine was paid.

– On 4 May 2021, the bailiff opened the case, although the fine had been paid before 23 April 2021.