Monitoring of human rights violations as of 19 September 2021:

✔️#Astana⚡️#Tolegen Muratbek – On 18 September 2021 at 10:00 Muratbek was arbitrarily detained with the use of brute physical force by SOBR officers when he arrived to take part in a citywide clean-up day due to the World Cleanup Day 2021, which has been held in Kazakhstan since 2018.

– Without identifying themselves or explaining the reason for his detention, Muratbek Tolegen was taken by the police officers to the Baikonur District Police Department, where he was arbitrarily detained for about five hours.

– In the building of the Police Department, two police officers in civilian clothes used brute physical force against Muratbek. They twisted his arms, threw him to the ground and pressed the activist from above with their weight.

– The illegal interrogation was conducted by the investigator, Captain ARYNOV.

– SOBR officers also rudely detained and took away in prisoner transport vehicles other activists who had come to the clean-up day (please provide the names of those detained).