Monitoring of human rights violations as of 29 August 2021:


⚡#ASHTAYEV Zhanmurat – On 24 August, an investigator of the Police Department of Al-Farabi district, #ZHOLSHY Meirzhan, sent a text message to Zhanmurat demanding him to come to the Police Department at 16:00 for questioning in a politically motivated criminal case against the activist under Article 380 (“use of violence against a public official”).

– Such a text message demanding to come to the police is invalid. According to the norms of the Criminal Procedural Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a summons to the police should be issued on paper with a signature and a wet stamp.

– On 1 July 2021, police officer #KARATAI Seiylbek beat Zhanmurat ASHTAYEV at the police station after he was arbitrarily detained during a peaceful hunger strike outside the Akimat (local executive body) of Shymkent.

– In order to hide this crime, the policeman filed a statement against Zhanmurat ASHTAYEV, accusing him of using violence against him. On the basis of this statement, a criminal case was opened against Zhanmurat ASHTAYEV under Article 380 (“use of violence against a representative of authority”).

– The head of the Department for Combating Extremism Yernar #ALTAYEV advised KARATAI Seiylbek to write this statement on Zhanmurat, and the investigator #BOTABEKOV Shyngys signed it.

– At the same time, the police arbitrarily arrested Zhanmurat for 10 days in order for the marks from the beatings to pass. No complaints against the illegal actions of police officer KARATAI Seiylbek were accepted from the activist.