Monitoring of human rights violations for the period 1-8 November 2021:


⚡#ORYNTAYEVA Gulmira – On 1 November 2021 the activists reported of illegal surveillance by police officers in two cars. Also, on 1 November, district police inspector ABDUALIYEV Darkhan unreasonably stopped Gulmira’s car and prevented her from moving freely, requiring her to pull over to the roadside. Next to the district police inspector was an unidentified person in a civilian uniform.On 2 November 2021, civil activists were detained. A court was held, at which the activists were unlawfully prosecuted under Article 667 (“Disobedience to a lawful order or demand of an officer”) and Article 434 (“Disorderly conduct”) of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

⚡#ABILDAYEV Nurzhan – 10 days of administrative arrest

⚡#FAIZULLAYEV Yerlan – 5 days of administrative arrest

⚡#ASHTAYEV Zhanmurat – 5 days of administrative arrest

– On 6 November 2021 Zhanmurat ASHTAYEV was not released after the end of his administrative arrest, he was detained for another 72 hours before the election of a preventive measure in a political criminal case under Article 380 Part 1 (“use of violence against a representative of authority”).


On 4 November 2021 police officers stopped the car in which the civil activists were travelling and issued a fine:

⚡#ABISHEV Aset – police officers tried to arbitrarily detain a former political prisoner using brute force, inflicted injuries, in connection with which Aset ABISHEV was forced to go to the hospital.- The attackers of Aset: police officer TOKTARBAYEV Nurbek, Junior Lieutenant KUDAIBERGENOV Narul, Captain KITAYEV Kuandyk

⚡ #NURKISHEV Zhanat – while he was taking a medical examination (sober), police officers attacked Aset ABISHEV and stole car keys from his pocket and took the car belonging to Zhanat to an impound lot.

✔ #Almaty:

⚡ #SHEGEBEKULY Nurtai – On 3 November 2021, a political administrative case under Article 488 Part 6 of the Code of Administrative Offences was tried and an illegal administrative arrest of 15 days was imposed on Nurtai for his participation in a peaceful action on 5 October outside the Intercontinental Hotel, where the EU-Central Asia Civil Forum was held.

⚡ #YUSUPOV Niyazbek – On 3 November 2021 three police officers attempted to abduct a civil activist outside his house. The police officers threatened to take Niyazbek away by force if he did not voluntarily go with them. The activist flatly refused to go. One of the police officers identified himself as ADILKHAN Nurzhan. The activist was not taken away because he was not feeling well.

✔ #Semey

⚡ #SADYRBAYEVA Raigul – On 2 November 2021, a human rights activist recorded another attempt to hack into her Facebook account. Due to an attempt of third-party interference, her page was blocked.

✔ #Ust-Kamenogorsk:⚡ #YDYRYSHEV Almas


– On 6 November 2021 activists reported illegal surveillance. Police officers have conducted surveillance outside the activists’ houses and are following their heels. Police officers also questioned the activists if they knew of any other activists who are going to As.

✔ #Kuryk village #Mangystau region

⚡ #TANASHOV Bekkali – On 1 November 2021 Akimat (local executive body) of Karakiya district refused to hold a peaceful picket in response to a notification filed by a civil activist.- The reason for the politically motivated refusal: provision of incomplete information. – Politically motivated refusal was signed by the deputy akim of Karakiya district – RYSBAYEV Kairat.

✔ #Astana

⚡ #SYZDYKOV Aydar – On 1 November 2021 a former political prisoner was not admitted to a session of the Balkhash city court under the chairmanship of judge ZHANDILDIN Aynur.

– The trial took place without him.

– The politically motivated trial took place in a lawsuit filed by ABDIKARIMOVA Ansagan, mother of an employee of the pre-trial detention facility EC-166/1, for allegedly publicly insulting her son. Earlier, Aidar SYZDYKOV spoke in a live broadcast about torture and human rights violations in pre-trial detenion facility 166/1, after this broadcast the lawsuit was filed.

– Later it became known that ABDIKARIMOVA Ansagan withdrew her statement. She has no claims against Aidar SYZDYKOV. The criminal case was closed.