During the ninth court hearing on 7 September 2021 in the politically motivated criminal case against 13 activists from #Almaty, the lawyer noted that the investigator of the Police Department Gizat KAZHIBAYEV registered a report in which he wrote that:

“On 4 August 2020 at 10:48, the “DCK” changed its name to “Koshe Partiyasy” to avoid liability.”
The lawyer stressed that how could an inanimate object be transformed into another inanimate object. That is, the investigator did not write who exactly (which people) transformed “DCK” into “Koshe Partiyasy”.

The attorney also drew attention of the judge Yernar KASYMBEKOV to the fact that the investigator Gizat KAZHIBAYEV wrote in his report that the “DCK” was transformed into “Koshe Partiyasy” on 4 August 2020 at 10:48, although the secret decision on banning “Koshe Partiyasy” came into force at the end of June 2020. That is, investigator Gizat KAZHIBAYEV himself does not know when DCK was allegedly transformed into “Koshe Partiyasy”?
Under this political criminal case the following activists are being prosecuted for alleged “extremism”:

  • Political prisoners: Diana BAIMAGAMBETOVA (Article 405 Part 2 – “participation in an extremist organisation”), Askhat ZHEKSEBAYEV, Kairat KLYSHEV, Abai BEGIMBETOV, Noyan RAKHIMZHANOV (Article 405 Part 1 and Part 2 – “organisation and participation in an extremist organisation”).
  • Under house arrest: Dametkan ASPANDIYAROVA (Article 405 Part 2)
  • Under ban not to leave the place of residence: Gulzipa DZHAUKEROVA, Ninagul DZHUMANIYAZOVA, Yermek KOZIYEV, Marat KURBANOV, Bakdaulet ALIBEKOV, Bolat SMAGULOV, Darkhan VALYIEV (Article 405 Part 2).

    They are prosecuted on political grounds for:
  • participation, discussion and calls for peaceful protests;
  • participation in Asar – building a house for the family of murdered human rights activist and blogger Dulat AGADIL;
  • collecting and providing humanitarian aid for the families of political prisoners and political prisoners;
  • criticism of the authorities of Kazakhstan;
  • defending and promoting human rights and demanding the release of political prisoners.