Political persecution and violation of labour rights of a human rights activist from the “Femina Virtute” movement – Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA from Aktau.

On 30 May 2021, a colleague of Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA (Ulbolsyn works for Kazakhstan Railways) informed her about her dismissal.

On 31 May, her boss, Kaliolla SAKHIPOV, told her that once her sick leave was over, he would decide whether to dismiss her or not, stressing that it was up to him and thus showing that he could ignore the Constitution and the Labour Code.

He had previously threatened her, demanding that she stop her human rights activities or she would be given a reprimand. SAKHIPOV Kaliolla and senior crew dispatcher UPIKOVA Asiya specifically forced her to work on the very days (even on her days off) for which peaceful protests were announced.

Since 15 May, Ulbolsin has been on sick leave, because after her last arbitrary arrest (terrible conditions in the detention facility), she has developed health problems (on 30 April she was arbitrarily arrested for 30 days as a preventive measure before the peaceful protest on 1 May).
On 27 January 2021, SEITKAZINOV Yerdaulet Bazarbaevich, head of the regional branch on passenger transportation “Western” of JSC “Passenger Transportation”, signed an order to bring Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA to disciplinary responsibility in the form of a reprimand.

Reason for the reprimand: “violation of the Code of Ethics and allowing anti-social behaviour” – in fact for her human rights and civil activities.

Company management puts pressure on Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA, threatening to fire her.

We demand that the company stop violating labour rights and stop politically persecuting Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA.

We remind you that the European Parliament resolution on the situation with human rights mentions the name of a human rights activist Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA and calls on EU member states to consider the imposition of targeted sanctions against human rights violators in Kazakhstan.

As the company continues to exert pressure on Ulbolsyn TURDIYEVA and violate her rights, we will be compelled to place the aforementioned individuals and company management on a list of candidates for personal sanctions and on the Karabet list.