Political persecution of a former political prisoner and a civil activist #KANALIYEV Abzal.

7 September 2021#Aktau Political persecution of a former political prisoner and a civil activist #KANALIYEV Abzal.

On 25 August 2021, the Aktau Police Department fabricated another politically motivated criminal case under Article 293 Part 2 (“hooliganism”) based on a false statement from #SAGYNDYK Zharylgap, who arranged a provocation against Abzal.

Here is what happened according to Abzal KANALIYEV:

On 24 August, during an evening walk with his friends, Abzal’s friend bumped shoulders with Zharylgap, who was walking towards them. From the collision, Zharylgap’s phone fell to the ground and shattered.

Abzal picked up the phone and apologised for the broken device. In response, Zharylgap pushed Abzal and punched his friend in the face. After which, a fight started between Abzal’s friend and the guy. Abzal separated them. Zharylgap ran away.

On 25, 26 August, law enforcement officers came to the activist’s house demanding him to report to the police department because SAGYNDYK Zharylgap had accused Abzal of beating him with a crutch.

A mysterious “witness” who claims to have seen Abzal beating the “victim” has appeared in the case. And the testimony of Abzal’s friend is being totally ignored by the police.

Abzal himself denies beating anyone. He has a disability and uses crutches to get around. Regarding the statement, Abzal said that he is being prosecuted on false accusations.

Abzal KANALIYEV considers this case to be a provocation organised by the NSC/police to politically persecute the activist for his civil activism.

The authorities persecute Abzal KANALIYEV for defending human rights, calling for and participating in peaceful protests, criticising the authorities and providing humanitarian assistance to the families of political prisoners.

In November 2020, a politically motivated criminal case was initiated against the activist under Article 405 Part 2 (“participation in an extremist organisation”). He was under house arrest for more than 3 months from 20 November 2020, and on 23 February 2021 his house arrest was replaced with detention in a pre-trial detention facility for the duration of the investigation. Abzal was arbitrarily detained for about 3 months.