Political persecution of civil activist Zhanylsyn #DZHALGASOVA.

1 November 2021#Atyrau As of 1 November 2021, civil activist Zhanna Jalgasova still has not received a response to her complaints, which she submitted on 12 October 2021, against the police officers who participated in her brutal detention and violation of her rights. It should be reminded that on 12 October 2021, police officers arbitrarily detained DZHALGASOVA Zhanylsyn without showing a summons or explaining the reason for her arbitrary detention.

The police officers involved in the arbitrary detention:#SAPARGALIYEV Sultan Sayasatuly (Senior Lieutenant)#OTETLEUOV Samat Tabyltayuly (Senior Lieutenant)#AZIMOV Bolatbek Makhambetovich (Police Captain)At the Police Department the officers did not explain anything, they just gave her a piece of paper and told her to write that DZHALGASOVA Zhanylsyn was not guilty of anything, without explaining what they meant. She was released two hours later without explaining anything, after she repeatedly demanded to be released.

The political persecution is linked to the fact that Zhanylsyn DZHALGASOVA informs diplomats and EU parliamentarians about human rights violations in Kazakhstan, criticises the authorities, participates in challenges, demands freedom for political prisoners and calls for personal sanctions against human rights violators in Kazakhstan.