Political persecution of civil activists #ESKENDIROVA Marua and #ALIPKALIYEV Bauyrzhan.

21 August 2021 #Uralsk

Political persecution of civil activists #ESKENDIROVA Marua and #ALIPKALIYEV Bauyrzhan. For the fifth (!!!) time in 2021, Kazakhstani authorities subjected Marua ESKENDIROVA to politically motivated administrative arrest.

On 20 August the Specialised Court for Administrative Offences of Uralsk sentenced Maruya to 20 days of arbitrary administrative arrest under Article 488 Part 12 of the Code of Administrative Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the repeated violation of the law on peaceful assembly “having called on 20 July to participate in peaceful rallies on 24 and 31 July 2021 at the square “‘Glorious Daughters of Kazakhstan’”.

The judge is #KHALYKOV Yernar Yerbolovich.Only recently, on 13 August, Marua was released from another arbitrary 20-day administrative detention. Earlier, on 25 June, during a protest hunger strike by activists, the West-Kazakhstan region Department of Education threatened to take away her 17-year-old daughter on orders from the NSC, allegedly because Marua had left the teenager without parental supervision.

At the same time, the authorities are completely indifferent about the fate of the activist’s daughter when they lock up Marua regularly in the pre-trial detention facility.

Also, it was reported that the authorities imposed a 15-day political administrative detention on the activist Bauyrzhan ALIPKALIYEV on the same day, 20 August. Please provide details. #Kazakhstan#ActivistsNotExtremists